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Odyssey Adventures | Episode 63 Table Notes

Welcome to Table Notes. In these posts, I share the latest “Believe to See” podcasts, along with links to extra resources, and maybe an observation or two. Enjoy!

This Table Note is for Episode 63: “Odyssey Adventures.” On this show, producer Jennifer England joins the table to talk about her work with the long-running radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey. Later, my brother stops by for some Odyssey super-fan Q&A.

The full episode:

Highlight: Jennifer England explains the unique benefits of radio drama:

Bonus highlight: my brother reveals his secret dream of being an old west train robber…

Extra notes:

1. Odyssey is all tech savvy now.

If you want to find out more about Adventures in Odyssey, this Whit’s End page is a good place to start.

2. What state is Odyssey in?

My brother argues that Odyssey is in Ohio, and I argue (correctly) that Odyssey is in central Illinois. Here’s what the Adventures in Odyssey Wiki has to say about the matter.

Final Question:

Over the past several decades, too much Christian art made the same mistake: it was derivative of the art around it. Instead of making something new, they would take a “secular” work, and make a lower-quality Christian version of it.

Adventures in Odyssey was different. When Odyssey started in the 1980s, radio dramas were all but dead in America. The Odyssey creators took this dead art form, and revived it. In other words, they made something new by repurposing something that was old.

I wonder if more artists should do that. What other dead art forms could be revived into something fresh and innovative?

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