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Do All Artists Have to Be Weirdos? | Episode 66 Table Notes

Welcome to Table Notes. In these posts, I share the latest “Believe to See” podcasts, along with links to extra resources, and maybe an observation or two. Enjoy!

This Table Note is for Episode 66: “Do All Artists Have to be Weirdos?” Ever worry you’re too normal to be a real artist? So have we. Matt and Mandy are joined at the table by Anselm artists Megan McCluskey and Gianna Soderstrom to talk about the struggles and benefits of being a normal person in the arts.

The full episode:

Extra notes:

1. Series Introduction: The Centric Genius

If you’d like an in-depth explanation of what Anselm means by our “Centric Genius” series, you’re in luck. Our founder and director, Brian Brown, wrote an explanation of this very thing.

2. My Rant on Modern Architecture

For reasons I can’t sufficiently explain, I made a soapbox rant about modern architecture and public buildings. For a more informed and thoughtful argument on the subject, check out this article by Nathan Robinson.

3. Check out Jason Brubaker’s work!

Confession time: I did not post any Table Notes for episode 65: “Becoming an Indie Comic Artists.” And that was really lame of me, because I had a fantastic time talking to that show’s guest, Jason Brubaker. He’s a former Dreamworks animator, and current indie comic illustrator. He also had some interesting thoughts on creating art as part of a community.

His work is fantastic. Please, please, pleeeease check out his website, and his YouTube page to learn more about it.

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