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Advent Letter: Year 4, Letter #1

Note: This is my first letter of Advent 2020, but part 13 of me and my brother’s Advent Letters project. For an explanation of the project and to get caught up on past letters, you can check out this video recap. Or you can, you know, read the letters. My[…]

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Do All Artists Have to Be Weirdos? | Episode 66 Table Notes

Welcome to Table Notes. In these posts, I share the latest “Believe to See” podcasts, along with links to extra resources, and maybe an observation or two. Enjoy! This Table Note is for Episode 66: “Do All Artists Have to be Weirdos?” Ever worry you’re too normal to be a[…]

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Advent Letter: Year 3, Letter #4

The boys, finally united in resolve, looked at each other a moment. They had no idea how to escape the Faerie castle. Matt shrugged, and walked to the door.

“It’s locked,” he said.

“Don’t worry,” said Brian. He grabbed his war hammer and stared down the door.

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Advent Letter: Year 3, Letter #3

Matt couldn’t decide if he was frightened or offended.

“What do you mean we’re in danger?” Matt asked. “Ansa and her father have been really friendly. And Ansa is the most beautiful and—”

“Yes, yes, at first,” said the swan. “But that’s not how it ends.”

More swans appeared, gathering in an ominous circle around Matt.

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