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  • After making excuses for the semi-intentional hiatus, Matt explains the show's big plans for 2022.
  • Daniel Silliman is Chistianity Today's news editor. He joins the table to discuss his new book, Reading Evangelicals. This book explores evangelical identity by looking closely at five bestsellers–Love Comes […]
  • Steven Elmore is the President of the C.S. Lewis Foundation. He joins the table to talk all things Space Trilogy. He describes how Lewis drew influence from the science fiction […]
  • Mandi Hart is the President of Cave Pictures Publishing. She joins the table to talk about Cave Pictures' latest project: a graphic novel adaptation of George MacDonald's Phantastes. She discusses the […]

I don’t like to brag, but it turns out I’m a multi-media personality. In addition to the blog, I’m the co-host of “Believe to See,” the podcast of the Anselm Society. In case I haven’t told you about it before, Anselm is dedicated to a renaissance of the Christian imagination. You can find out more about it here.

On the podcast, I talk to all sorts of artists about all sorts of things related to Christianity and the arts. Give it a listen. Maybe even a review. Oh, and I’ll probably blog about some of these episodes from time to time. That’s what we call synergy.

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