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  • “We all know that if two people enjoy spending time together, they must secretly want to kiss each other. I mean, what’s the point of being friends otherwise?” – Matt […]
  • Mandy sits down with artist, writer, and spiritual director Jenn Layte for a conversation about imagination, stories, and faith. They discuss Lectio Divina, spiritual pilgrimage, spiritual direction, and more.   […]
  • Matt sits down with Matthew Lee Anderson to discuss his new book, Called into Questions. Matt Anderson is an author and professor of philosophy at Baylor University, as well as […]
  • Matt, Christina, and Mandy set out to list the Anselm Society’s Top 5—the “top five anythings” that the Anselm Society loves, is passionate about, and is defined by. Since Believe […]

I don’t like to brag, but it turns out I’m a multi-media personality. In addition to the blog, I’m the co-host of “Believe to See,” the podcast of the Anselm Society. In case I haven’t told you about it before, Anselm is dedicated to a renaissance of the Christian imagination. You can find out more about it here.

On the podcast, I talk to all sorts of artists about all sorts of things related to Christianity and the arts. Give it a listen. Maybe even a review. Oh, and I’ll probably blog about some of these episodes from time to time. That’s what we call synergy.