becoming a cynic

Why People Become Cynics: I’ll Show My Parents

Here’s a simple truth: the greater the cynic, the greater the likelihood they hate their parents. At least, that’s what it seems like with the cynics I know. I’m guessing you agree. Beyond the simple truth, things get complicated. Does hating your parents cause cynicism, or does being a cynic[…]

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Why People Become Cynics: I Want Buzzfeed to Like Me!

Nobody admits this was the reason they became cynical. But whether people admit it or not, it’s the driving force behind many cynics–peer pressure. The pressure doesn’t have to come from friends or professors. It can also come from “the culture” at large. Everything from TV to Twitter to the[…]

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Why People Become Cynics: It’s an Honest Question!

In an earlier post, I talked about the reasons it’s so easy to get cynical about evangelicalism. Now, I’m starting a series on the different reasons people become cynics. My first reason is also the best: honest doubts. The things that cause people to doubt their faith are so idiosyncratic[…]

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